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Hey look i'm a member, haha

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1)Name: Krista
2)Area of study?:  ACAP
3)Favorite style/type of cooking?:  I like all types/styles of cooking, not too big on baking tho, I'm not a flipping baker, eh. 
4)which campus did you attend?:  Farmington, word yeah. cough*Suffield sucks*cough
5)what was your favorite CCI class?:  I liked them all, but if I have to choose, I really liked American Cuisine w/ the infamous Chef Jamie, ahh yeahh.... hehe.
6)What field of work are you looking to go into/are into:  I worked for Disney, oh yeah I can totally stroke my own ego, and I loved working on the line for the restaurant, so I really want to work on a line for a nice restaurant.
7)what do you think you can offer new students to CCI,advise wise?:  Pay attention, and don't miss too much school, or you'll miss somethings you'll need. 
8)Favorite CCI memory?:  I have soo many, but lets see.......In Chef Jamies' Food for TV class, we did our presentations, we had to speak infront of the class about our dish we had, and mine was Cheesy creamed corn, mmm good eating, and I said you could zest it up w/ mexican corn, but I am a very nervous speaker, and as I said mexican corn, I looked at Joey, who's Puerto Rican, and said "But Joeys not mexican!"  Hahaaha, how random, was that....

9)Favorite CCI experience: 
Meeting the awesome people I did, that enjoyed the same things I did, and having awesome teachers that really cared, and enjoyed teaching.  And a great experience that I got was being able to go to Disney on my Externship, it was awesome, and definetly a good step for me.

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